• Alexandra Morosan

The #newnormal

Where do I start? I guess I am still shocked on how everything changed. How rapidly our life just turned upside down. I remember in January how everything was just a topic that we would hear people talking about but here in our bubble we were safe, just carrying on with our lives. Two months later I have been stood down from a job I loved, having only the hope that one day I get to go back, see my colleagues and try to rebuild everything. I case you did not know, besides my much loved wedding and events business, my full time job is/was at Four Points by Sheraton Hotel in Docklands, working as Catering Sales Manager. Same industry, different position.

All my events have been wiped out in 2 days. Luckily they were postponed so when life gets back to the old normal, there will be plenty of trainings, conferences, weddings to plan. I admit I was one of the ignorant people that did not pay much attention. My worries and problems were different at that time. What I would give now to have those problems again. In the past 2 weeks I have been through something that I have never experienced before. We have been the first ones taking the hit and it was a hard punch. This virus made the World stand still. I am at home until the end of June. If things do not change I might be home for a longer period of time. This period is dedicated to my business, my couples, getting plans in action, finding new ways to support and help them in this tough period of time. I cried, I laughed, I understood who is next to me, supporting me. An emotional journey that has just started. The uncertainty has been the killer factor here. I remember our General Manager saying:’ Whatever I’ve told you yesterday, we don’t apply it anymore today – what I tell you today, forget about it tomorrow’. I saw a hotel that was going well, smashing budgets, loosing everything (for now). I’ve said goodbye to colleagues, I saw tears and fear in people’s eyes and this in just 2 weeks. We did not have time to react. I still wake up in the morning and hope that it was just a dream. At the same time, I saw how a business navigates through crisis and I’ve learned enormously from my Managers. They were a true example of leadership: in these times, transparency was/is key. I could see them fighting for our jobs, our mental health & our wellbeing. I am lucky in a way that I do not have employees in my business but myself, but for those of you who have, be honest with them. They know that nobody has experienced this before so be open to conversation. We are all scared, trying to do our best to overcome this period of time.

Dear couples, clients, friends - things will get back on track. Maybe different, maybe better but what I believe is that people will need to celebrate, enjoy special moments with the loved ones, more than ever after this self - isolation. We are social human beings, we need that so I will be always here to guide you, find solutions, find a new normal way of planning your special day, birthday, post COVID return party, new product you came up with after this period of reflecting on things - I am here. When everything will end? Who knows…. How long will it take for people to get back to their normal lives and routine? Who knows. What we know is that we need to use this time wisely. Pick up the phone and ring someone you have not spoken in a long time. Ask them how they are. But most importantly #stayhome. Funny what we need to do in 2020 to save lives.

P.S. Another cool thing is that I get to see all the fitness trainers I follow, doing live videos each day so I actually get the chance to train with them for free. Thanks guys, you make this #newnormal more fun. #seethepositiveinthenegative

Music is a big part of my life so dear neighbours, I hope you like my playlists and my voice.

Let me know what positives you see in the negative. How have you adapted to this new lifestyle and give me some tricks to get through this self -isolation. I live alone so if I call you more often, pick up the damn phone. With love,




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