About Me:

My name is Alexandra Morosan and I am the proud owner of Event Management by Alex – a platform which combines my two passions, weddings and food styling.  I have discovered a winning combination of doing what I love while bringing couples the best formula for a relaxed, elegant and fun wedding day. 

I am a true “foodie” in every sense of the word with a massive passion for weddings. I want to offer my services to couples who can recognise the importance of hospitality and embracing their “inner foodie” and unique characters on their wedding day.

I love showing people how we “eat with our eyes” first through the beauty of food styling - 


"Allow me to use my expertise to guide you through the entire process of carefully selecting personalised menus and presenting it in such a way that it looks too delicious for words."


How will your guests remember your celebration?

My vast hospitality experience began in London but my choice of residency was always going to be Melbourne, the true heart and soul of my two passions. Not only specialising weddings, my creativity also expands into corporate and private events.


My current role is one that has affirmed my belief in knowing that everyone needs guidance on their wedding day. As Hospitality Manager for Royal South Yarra Tennis Club, I have been able to fine tune my creative skills while coordinating events with up to 300 guests and having to deal with great challenges regarding styling and running weddings and corporate functions.

I am about to complete a Diploma in Wedding Planning, Styling and Design from the International Academy of Wedding and Event Planning. Outside of this I have spent considerable time independently freelancing for large styling and event management companies. These experiences have enabled me to develop a presence within the Wedding Industry.


A little something about me, my background is Romanian, I moved here when I was 29 years old and when we speak you will hear my European accent, one that I am incredibly proud of. My passion for event management started whilst I was a little girl watching my mother hosting beautiful dinner parties and helping friends planning special occasions. 


Below is a photograph of my Grandparents on their wedding day. A photo which my Grandmother has above her bed. A photo that I used to look at it every night before going to sleep and adore still.


From Food and Beverage Manager

to Wedding Planner


Tel. 0434 991 570



Event Management By Alex

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia |  hello@eventmanagementbyalex.com.au  |  Tel. 0434 991 570

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